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Single-Layer Film and Sheet Line Type LMCR-150
























Our New Scientific Mini Single-Layer Film and Sheet Line Type LMCR-150 is a viable low-cost alternative to our regular cast film lines. It has a mini-size extruder connected to a single-layer cast film die, and it is equipped with a vertically adjustable chill roll with a diameter of 145 mm and a width of 150 mm. This single-layer mini cast film can process PE, PP, PA6, PC, PET, EVOH, PLA, PS, ABS, and many other resin types.



Ø  Mini design taking up a floor space of only 1.5 m x 0.7 m (5.0 x 2.3 ft) and a height of 1.2 m (4.0 ft) make it easy to fit into even the most crowded lab.

Ø  The Mini Extruder can process regular polymer pellets

Ø  The entire assembly is mounted on a sturdy steel subcabinet containing all major supply cables and electric components inside the subcabinet, giving a very clean appearance with very few visible connections to the extruder.

Ø  The mini single-screw extruder is mounted on an elevated base on top of the subcabinet

Ø  The die and the extruder are mounted individually on the same guiding rod, and the die can be separated from the extruder with a quick lock C-clamp. This enables easy removal of the extruder for cleaning and removing of the screw.

Ø  The roll is vertically adjustable so that the gap between the die and the roll can be adjusted to reduce the necking of the extruded melt from the die.

Ø  The rubber pressing roll of the chill roll has a handle that can be swung and securely locked into place away from or towards the roller. The position where it presses against the chill roll serves to ensure that the film is tightly wrapped around the Chill Roll for optimum cooling efficiency. The pressure of this rubber pressing roll is adjustable with a spring-loaded screw

Ø  The film tensioning nip is opened with a handle, and the nip force is adjustable with a spring-loaded screw

Ø  The film wind-up device can hold a max film width of 125 mm, and it is equipped with an air expansion shaft holding a 3-inch bobbin driven with a servo motor

Ø  The chill roll, haul-off nip-roll, and wind-up device are driven by three individual AC servo motors

Ø  The line is equipped with a user-friendly 7-inch full central LCD touch screen unit controlling all functions like:

·      extruder temperature and RPM

·      die temperature

·      chill roll temperature and RPM

·      downstream nip-roll and wind-up RPM




¨     The chill roll attachment is equipped with a large 145 mm diameter chill roll having a width of 150 mm

¨     The roll is vertically adjustable so that the gap between the die and the roll can be adjusted to reduce the neck-in of the extruded melt from the die

¨     The roll is made from high-grade tool steel, which has been precision ground, hard chromed with surface roughness (Ra) of 0.01-0.03 µm, and then polished to a mirror surface

¨     The roll is equipped with rotary joints and cored inside for cooling/heating water, enabling efficient temperature control of the roll surface. A valve is fitted to the inlet of the roll so that the flow of the water can be individually regulated

¨     The roll is driven with a variable speed AC servo motor

¨     The rubber haul-off nip-rolls give the film and sheet a steady and even pull-off from the chill roll stack.  The pressure of the nip-roll is adjustable with a spring.

¨   The rubber pressing roll can manually be positioned either off or against the chill roll and is adjusted with a spring-loaded screw

¨   The haul-off nip-rolls are driven with a geared AC servo motor unit

¨   The wind-up unit can hold a max film width of 125 mm with a max diameter of 250 mm. The unit is equipped with an air shaft to hold 3-inch core bobbins, and the shaft is driven with a geared AC servo motor

¨   Line speed is from 0 to 10 meters/min

¨     Optional pressure sensor with incorporated melt temperature sensor to be mounted in the die adaptor near the breaker plate. This option enables you to control the output of the extruder better. The sensor is connected to the main LCD control screen, showing melt temperature and pressure.

¨     The sub-cabinet contains all the electrical and electronic components, all mounted on a platform with sliding rails for easy and convenient access to all parts.





The Mini Cast Film line is supplied with a vertically downward-pointing coat hanger type die. It is designed to process many different polymers, producing thin films and sheets with a thickness of around 1.5 mm. And it is equipped with many push-pull adjustment bolts for the lip, having a lip opening from 0.3 to 2.0 mm. The die is connected to the extruder with a C-Clamp, and it is equipped with cartridge heaters that divide the die into left and right heating zones. Both are individually regulated with their designated temperature controllers from the onboard PLC connected to the touch screen panel. The standard die for mini cast film is made with a max temperature of 300°C.


Technical Data for Mini Chill Roll Attachment Type LMCR-150

Roll Width





Roll Diameter





Maximum Film Width (untrimmed)





Maximum Die Width





Die lip gap range



From 0.1 to 2


Film minimum thickness, depending on resin type





Sheet max thickness, depending on resin type



(can’t be wound up)


AC Servo Motor Drive Power for Chill Roll





AC Servo Motor Drive Power for Nip Rolls





Take-Off Speed



0 – 10


Maximum Winding Diameter of Film Roll






30 L/D Mini Single-Screw Extruder with 16 mm Diameter

Type LME16-30/C

Mini Non-Vented Extruder for processing of most types of Cast Film Resins

General Design

·            New Mini version with a diameter of 16 mm and L/D ratio of 30

·           The extruder is mounted on a heavy-duty platform equipped with sliding rails.

·           The extruder can easily be separated from the die and turned to the front for the purging of the barrel and removing of the screw

·           C-clamp on the barrel flange allows for quick and secure connection of the die


Barrel and Screw

·         Barrel and screw are made of high‐grade steel, which has been nitrided and polished.  Optionally barrel and screw can be supplied with bi-metallic steel

·         The 16 mm screw has been designed to process regular polymer pellets easily and to optimize plastification

·         Full stainless steel cover over the barrel with air venting grilles on the sides



·         Polished stainless steel hopper with the lid mounted on a slide valve assembly which closes the infeed to the extruder and a second slide valve at the side for discharging the resin from the hopper


Barrel Heating and Cooling System

·      The barrel is equipped with two heating zones, which are accurately regulated from the LCD touch screen control panel

·      Each zone with high wattage heaters and efficient air cooling fan, ensuring both fast heating to required processing temperatures as well as fast cooling

·      The standard maximum heating temperature of 300°C

·      Water-cooled feed section to prevent premature melting of resins

Infinitely Variable-Speed Servo Motor on Extruder

·       The 0.75 kW AC servo motor drive is coupled directly to a worm gear, connected to a heavy-duty thrust bearing driving the screw.


Touch Screen Control Interface

·       The entire line with the extruder, die layer, and downstream equipment is controlled on a 7-inch touch screen with the temperature and RPM control functions




Technical Data for Mini Single-Screw Extruder Type LME16-30

Screw Diameter

16 mm

Standard Screw L/D Ratio (other sizes available upon customer’s request)

30: 1

Servo Drive Motor Power

0.75 kW

Screw Speed Range

0 - 150 rpm

Number of Barrel Heating Zones


Max Processing Temperature


Forced Air Cooling System on Heating Zones


Maximum Output (based on high-pressure LDPE cast film process)

1,600 g/hr

Can process almost all resin types Like PE, PP, PC, PLA, EVOH, PA, PET PS, ABS  etc.



Price for Chill Roll Attachment LMCR-150 with Flat Die 125 mm and Mini Single-Screw Extruder Type LME16-30, complete as described above excluding the Water Tempering Unit: Call




The assembly mainframe holds the sliding bar where the edge-cutter knife holders are attached for an easy adjustment of the gap between the knives according to the specified width of the film. The knives cut both edges before the film passes through the rubber haul-off nip rolls, while the edge-trims are directed downwards to the wind-up roller where the trims are collected.


The wind-up spindle cassette for the edge trimmings has an adjustable knurled knob to collapse the core of the wind-up shaft for easy and quick removal of the PVC bobbin where the trimmed edges on both sides are wounded. The same AC gear motor of the haul-off nip-roll drives the edge-trim wind-up cassette.


Optional Edge-Cutter and Wind-up Cassettes for Edge-Trims, Additional Price:





Combined with Pressure and Melt Temperature Sensor placed at the inlet of the die. With this, you will be able to control the melt temperature and pressure to the die accurately. And the instrument can be set with an alarm function to warn of overpressure.


Optional Pressure and Melt Sensor E-type, Additional Price: Call


NOTE: The mini cast film line can be connected to the customer’s local cooling system. Also, the customer can use their circulating tap water if the process does not concern the temperature. However, if the customer wants a heating system, we can offer the roll tempering units as an option.



The rolls are equipped with rotary joints and a cored heating and cooling media channels close to the roll surface. This gives a very even temperature over the entire roll width. The rolls can be tempered using water media for both heating and cooling. With water units, the max roll temperature is around 140 °C.




Price for Water Tempering Units with CE Certification,

per unit: Call


Price for Single-Layer Extruder with Mini Cast Film and Sheet Line



Description :

1 layer


Single-Layer Mini Cast Film Type LMCR-150

1 unit


7-inch LCD Touch Screen Control Panel

1 unit


16 mm Compact Extruder LME16-30 with Servo Motor Drive

1 unit


Flat Coat Hanger Type Die 125 mm

1 unit

Total Price for a Mini Cast Film Line excluding the Water Tempering Unit



Additional Price


Water Tempering Unit



Edge-Cutter and Wind-up Cassettes for Edge-Trims



Optional Pressure and Melt Sensor



All Prices Quoted are Ex-Works Bangkok

We will be pleased to quote you a CIF to your destination

as soon as we know of your exact requirements.


          Delivery time:            Presently 5 months, Ex Works                        

          Payment terms:        30% deposit with the order

                                               70% by L/C at sight or T/T prior to shipment

          Validity:                        This quotation is valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue

Start up assistance is US$ 650/day + travel, subsistence, etc. at cost





Two Years Warranty on all our Machines


Our machines are now warranted for two years, valid from the date of startup or two months after the shipment date, whichever is the earliest.


The two-year warranty covers all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts with a few exceptions where the warranty period is for only one year. The exceptions cover intricate parts like inverters, PLC and electronic instruments, which our suppliers only warrant for one year. We also warrant our heaters for one year even though they are not warranted by our supplier.


We will be pleased to give you a copy of our warranty certificates with full details for your kind consideration.