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Labtech Engineering 2 layer co-ex blow molder with 20mm extruders


 The Labtech Scientific co-extrusion blow moulding machine is a compact unit with pleasing modern design finished off to the usual high standards that Labtech applies to all of its plastics and rubber machines. An attractive feature of the blow moulding unit is its ‘futuristic’ swing-up front door that allows maximum unobstructed space for access to the working parts of the machine. The blow moulding unit itself is portable and is intended for use with Labtech single-screw extruders, although on request the machine can be modified to fit most other brands of extruder in the 20 to 30 mm diameter range. 

Designed primarily as a laboratory machine the co-extrusion blow moulding machine is ideal for making small bottles (up to approximately 400 cc) for color assessment purposes, product development and prototyping.


The following data is for the blow moulding unit only. Please refer to the single-screw extruder Instruction Manual for data on the extruders


Clamping capacity                                 600 kgf (6 kN)

Platen size H x W)                                 120 mm x 125 mm

Bottle size                                                125 cc

Max distance between platens            180 mm

Min distance between platens             20 mm

Hydraulic motor power                          2.2 kW

Hydraulic pressure (max)                     50 bar (5 MN/m2)


a) Upper die heater                         1200 W

b) Middle die heater                        500 W

c) Lower die heater                         300 W

d) Connecting pipe heaters          240 W (X3 per pipe)

Hydraulic oil type                                   Mobil DTE 25, or other oils with equivalent specifications

Oil tank capacity                                     25 lt

Machine dimensions (L x H x D):

a) With front door open                  140 mm x 210 mm x 180 mm

b) With front door closed                140 mm x 187 mm x 136 mm

Machine weight                                      650 kg




Electrical power supply                         400 V; 3 ph; 50 Hz

       Extruder 1                                         25 Amps (main circuit breaker)

       Extruder 2                                         25 Amps (main circuit breaker)

       Blow moulding machine                25 Amps (main circuit breaker)

Water supply:                                          2 bar (min)

Compressed air supply                         7 bar (min)


Typical Mixing Screw for Single Screw Extruders,  30:1, Maddock Mixer and Pineapple Mixer


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