Labtech High Speed Mixers

The max batch volume is 2/3 of bowl, so (for example:) on the 25 liter high speed mixer the max batch size is around 18 liter. The temperature is controlled by the shear forces from the high speed of the impeller blades in the mixer will heat up the batch and you can control the temperature by increase/reducing the impeller speed on the controller board. Please note you need the computerized version to do this.


For cooling we can supply the mixer with a cooler mixer where you can open the discharge valve on the high speed mixer and the batch will drop down into the cooling mixer where it will cool down. Without a cooling mixer you can cool the material by reducing the impeller speed to low RPM and open up full cooling on the mixing bowl.







Laboratory and pilot

plant 25 and 75-liter

variable speed fluid

high-speed mixers

Type LMX 25-VS/W and



As standard infinite variable speed impeller drives and large motor power for heavy duty mixing. The impeller has three levels of blades and they can also be equipped with internal water cooling.

The mixers are equipped as following:

Mixer Bowl:  Bowl net volumes of 25 respectively 75 liter. Others on request.

! Stainless Steel with all inner surfaces in high polished finish.

! Jacketed for water-cooling (or heating) with max water pressures 5 Bar. The water-jacketing is divided into two sections where the upper section covers 2/3 of the mixing bowl. The lower section covers the lower 1/3 of the bowl including a large part of the bottom as well as discharge valve area. Each section is regulated with individual solenoid valves

Discharge Spout:

! Pneumatic operated discharge valve all in stainless steel.

! Valve plug is shaped same as mixing bowl without any dead spots.

! Whole valve assembly is easily removable for cleaning.

! Safety switch at discharge so that mixer cannot operate when valve assembly is removed.

Mixer Lid:

! Made of Stainless steel with polished inner surfaces.

! Heavy-duty lid seal.

! Quick lock lid closure.

! Filter with valve on lid to enable dust free discharge of air.

! Additional small lid on top of mixer lid, for adding additives.

! Optional sight glass on lid.

! Safety switch on lid hinge and lid lock so that mixer cannot run when lid is opened.


! High polished stainless steel.

! Thermocouple inside deflector with measuring tip exposed for optimum accuracy.

! Adjustable deflector angle to side of mixing bowl.

Mixing Tool:

! High polished Stainless steel.

! Self-cleaning.

! Three levels of two-bladed mixing impellers where the top two blades are bent upwards in a 30- degree angle.

! Central locking nut.

! Variable speed with RPM range:

For LMX25-VS/W 500 to 2500

For LMX75-VS/W 300 to 1300

! Optional water-cooling of impellers for heat sensitive mixtures where the material has a tendency

to stick to the impellers. With this version, the impeller has totally four levels of two-bladed mixing

tools where all the levels are mounted on one sleeve with the internal cooling channels.


! 25-liter mixer LMX25-VS/W equipped with 11 kW variable speed AC motor drive.

! 75-liter mixer LMX75-VS/W equipped with 22 kW variable speed AC motor drive.

! Speed variation with programmable Frequency Inverter.

! High starting torque.


! Separate floor mounted electric cabinet with slanted control panel covered by a swing open Plexiglas lid. The electric control cabinet is connected to the mixer with a supplied heavy-duty cable.

! Speed controls with three potentiometers, which enables setting of three automatic mixing speeds in any range within the stated RPM for respectively mixer size.

! Three digital timers to control the mixing time for each pre set impeller speed. The timer will run automatically in sequence and thus enable fully automatic running through all three impeller speed settings at desired time intervals.

! One digital temperature instruments showing temperature of mix or alternatively the mixing bowl.

! Digital readout instrument for RPM of mixing tool.

! Digital readout instrument for motor Ampere

! All instruments are mounted on the panel under a swing open Plexiglas cover.

! Operating buttons mounted outside Plexiglas cover for easy access. They consist of Stop & Start buttons, two selector switches for upper and lower water On / Off, as well as buttons for Discharge and Emergency.

! Pressing the external discharge button will open the pneumatic discharge valve. The impeller will rotate during discharge at a preset speed, set on an external potentiometer. The discharge button has to be held down during the whole discharge period and the valve will close and impeller stops when the button is released.

Safety made in accordance to the CE norms and other world standards.

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The Mini Mixers have been given a nice modern design utilizing a very sturdy sub cabinet with integrated control panel. They are very easy to use and ideal for fast and easy mixing of dry powders such as Pharmaceuticals, Minerals, plastic Powders, Pigments, Fillers, and Additives etc. The Infinite Variable speed Mini Mixers are powered from a programmable Frequency Inverter with high starting torque


! Impeller Speed regulated on a digital RPM indicator with Up/Down scroll buttons. With a speed range of 0 to 3,000 Rpm (for LMX 1.5 the speed range is 0 to 5,000 Rpm.)

! All Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, Impeller and Lid

! 2-bladed impellers with central locking nut.

! Safety closure of Bowl as well as safety cut off when mixing lid is removed from its base.

! Whole mixing bowl and impeller can be removed when loosening the impeller lock nut. This enables very easy cleaning of all mixing components. Removing the whole bowl with its impeller does the discharge of the mixing bowl.

! Control panel equipped with:

Digital readout instrument for the impeller Rpm.

Digital readout instrument for the motor power (A).

Digital timer for the mixing cycle.

Optional digital temperature indicator.

Star/Stop push buttons.

! Sturdy self-supporting welded steel frame on vibration damping rubber feet.

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